Fun Activities That You Can Host At Senior Living Facilities

When one of your loved ones is at a senior living facility, you might worry that he or she is not getting the stimulation that he or she will need to be happy. If this is the case, you have two options. You can move your loved one to a more expensive senior living facility that offers more activities, an option that is often cost-prohibitive for many, or you can volunteer to host the activities yourself. Read More 

Facts About Assisted Living Communities You Need To Know

In the past, when someone grew old and could not live alone anymore, that person may have moved in with family members. However, for many people, moving in with their kids or other family members is not an option, leaving them the only option of a nursing home. Today, you do have more choices for getting the help you to need to get around while remaining in your own place. If you think an assisted living community is the same as a nursing home, check out these facts that may change your mind. Read More 

Secure Comfort And Safety For Your Loved Ones - Questions To Ask An Assisted Living Facility

Making the decision to move someone you care about into an assisted living facility can be a very difficult and emotional task. For a grown adult to agree to give up some of their freedoms, they'll have to be reassured that the facility they're moving to is truly as comfortable and enjoyable as it's portrayed in the advertising materials. That means developing a real working knowledge of the facility before a commitment is made. Read More 

Deciding Whether A Retirement Home Is Right For You

You have a stack of brochures from various assisted living facilities telling you why they are good for you. They all look nice, but how do you decide which one is best for you? You'll need to visit each one that interests you with a list of questions to ask and things to look for. Here are some questions to help you get started on your quest for the best facility in which to spend your retirement years. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Your Elderly Parent Feel At Home In A New Retirement Community

The transition of helping an elderly parent move into a retirement community can take a period of adjustment. But, as an adult child facilitating this move, it's important that you ease the transition as best as you can. Although retirement communities have friendly staff members who work hard to get new residents settled and help them feel welcome, you can lend a hand to ensure the process doesn't experience any hiccups. Read More